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Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し Tōrō = lantern / nagashi = cruise, flow) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns down a river. This is primarily done on the last evening of the Bon Festival, festival based on the belief that this guides the spirits of the departed back to the other world. The white lanterns are for those who have died in the past year. Traditional Japanese beliefs state that humans come from water, so the lanterns represent their bodies returning to water.


i secretly like getting assigned seats in school because it takes away that awkward “i have no friends in this class where the fuck am i gonna sit” factor

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do you ever wanna talk about a thing but you know you already talk about it too much and your friends are sick of hearing about it so instead you just hold it all inside you and constantly feel like you’re gonna burst?

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do you ever just all of a sudden feel really alone

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imagine reading a book of all the lies you’ve told 

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I can relate to this


I can relate to this


I can relate to this


I can relate to this


This is a real panda
China has this “panda diplomacy” and this one will be sent to Japan as an friendship envoy. For the safety reason he sits as a passenger with his feeder, not in a cage. Fastening the seat belt, wearing a diaper, eating bamboos


how do you get a nice body without moving

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